Benigni, thanks!

Thank you because you told us that love, pain, faith, is a mystery, for which we must approach with humility and devotion, as the first of the men who discovered the fire, and learned not to fear him, indeed, to have it “friend”! “The great love frightens us because it puts us in a dangerous situation, because you become vulnerable, you lose the armor that we have towards the world. Because love is given everything, it gives us completely and you can lose “(F. Ardant). Behold, thou hast remembered that knowing how to love means to meet, especially in these Christmas holidays, know how to suffer means to become offering everything for love, and be able to believe it means ineffable glow of a light that illuminates the darkest of the dark. Thank you, because, for a while ‘, we were companions of this land pilgrimage, I do not know how many will abandon us because skeptical and disillusioned, but we will always be ready to stop at the crossroads of the roads to wait until exhausted, those who have the “backpack” heavy and wearily. Thank you, finally, poetically because you reminded us of “Sister Death”, certain destiny of every living thing. “To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already dead for three quarters’ (B. Russell).


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